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New Central London 360 Panoramas Available

With all the interest in our central London panoramas we have recently updated our St Paul’s Golden Gallery GigaPixel panorama to feature some of the new skyscrapers – this includes the Walkie Talkie and the Cheese Grater you can see the updated version of the image here. We have also shot a brand new 360 […]

Chelsea FC American Tour | GigaPixel Panos

We have been working with Getty to produce Facebook tagged gigapixel panoramas of their american tour. One of the key aspects of these shots is the ability to capture customer data and send it to a database automatically. Photography in the US by the excellent Joergen Geerds

Diamond Jubilee Flotilla GigaPixel Panorama

We shot the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Flotilla from the Hungerford Bridge for the BBC. This giant shot allows you to zoom in and see some of the different crafts that were taking part. It is a composite shot made up from different times during the event. Click on the image below to view:

Facebook Tagged Basketball Match

Facebook Tagged GigaPixel Panorama This 18 GigaPixel picture was taken during the Olympiacos and Barcelona semi-final in Istanbul. Click on the image below to view the image. You can tag yourself on facebook and choose which team you support!

What Are GigaPixel Panoramas?

So … What Exactly Is A Gigapixel Panorama? A Gigapixel Panorama, in the simplest terms we can come up with, is basically a HUGE picture that can be made of from hundreds of different pictures that have been stitched together. If you think of a patchwork quilt and how the different pieces can overlap but […]

London Sunrise | GigaPixel Panorama

Have a look at this GigaPixel panorama shot from the gherkin the other morning. I was on my way to a shoot on the top floor there and saw the most beautiful sunrise starting. So I ran flat out and got to the top as soon as I could. I had not planned on shooting […]

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