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360 Virtual Tours for Property


With the increased use of the Internet for people looking to rent or buy a new home, there is a demand for estate agents to have as many pictures as possible on website listings as they understand that this increases the chance of an actual viewing. Virtual tours are one of the most revolutionary ways that estate agents can give the potential buyer an incredible feel for what the property is like inside and out.

One of our Virtual Tours


The first benefit of virtual tours for property viewings is cutting down on wasted viewings. There may be a particular aspect of the house that is a deal breaker for a potential resident, something that cannot always be seen in a photograph such as low ceilings or narrow doorways for example. A 360 virtual tour puts the space into perspective as though the viewer were standing in the room themselves. Seeing a property that you are not sure about can waste your own time and that of the estate agent – virtual tours can help reduce this risk.

Virtual tours will also benefit those that are viewing homes in from a different location altogether. Imagine you’re moving a completely different part of the country or even a different country all together. Seeing what a home looks like virtually can help you decide on physical viewings and planning your big move with ease.

Perhaps the key things about virtual tours that makes them such a good idea for estate agents is that they can give viewers a genuine feel for the space available in a room. Hotspots by doors can be used to recreate the feeling of walking into a particular room and taking a look around as you enter. Plain photos can lack depth, but a virtual tour can use panoramic views to make the whole viewing experience online much more genuine. Ultimately the goal of using virtual tours in real estate is to make the process of buying or renting a house much smoother for all involved.

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